As a proud member of the nationwide Battery Town team, we specialise in Endurant, Mottobatt and Varta batteries.  If you are having problems with a motorised wheelchair, motorbike, family car, caravan, boat or even a large commercial or industrial vehicle we will diagnose the problem and provide a replacement battery ONLY if it is needed.  We can also test and charge batteries if required.

Installing the correct battery in your vehicle is essential. The wrong battery choice can be problematic and cause issues with the electrics as well as prove costly.

Hornby Auto Electrics have the expertise & a large range of batteries to choose from. We will determine whether the battery is at fault and only if required, recommend and install the correct battery.

Services we Offer

  • Battery Testing

  • Battery Fitting

  • Run Diagnostics & Determine Issues

  • Free Battery Charging

  • Sale of New Batteries


Battery Brands We Supply

  • Varta

  • Endurant

  • Optima

  • MotoBatt

  • Synergy

  • Remco